Public Relations (PR)

“Good public relations – that is, the conscious effort to inform and be informed – produces knowledge, understanding and, if truly deserved, goodwill and a good reputation…

Advertising may seek to persuade people to buy, but you cannot persuade people against their will.  PR can create the situation whereby prospects are well disposed towards the products or services.“

Frank Jefkins

About Me

Jill was a presenter, reporter and producer for Scottish TV for six years and has also done some freelance work for the BBC.  She handled PR for a charity for two years and now runs her own PR consultancy promoting only organisations she believes are making a valuable contribution to society.

Essentially she is a storyteller and uses a variety of mediums to tell a story, be it Radio 4’s ‘Today’ programme, BBC Scotland‘s ‘Call Kaye,’ ‘The Herald,’ ‘The Times,’ or the BBC network news television programme, ‘BBC Breakfast.’

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What I Do

Media Relations

Every day we’re bombarded with messages so imagine how many of these journalists have to sift through to decide which reach us and which don’t.  Reading literally hundreds of emails is unrealistic in a climate where resources are stretched and there is a glut of competing items.  Moreover, frequently media releases are badly written and contain information, not what journalists would consider a story.

That’s where Jill comes in.  You tell her what you want to say and she tells you whether it would interest the media or not.  She works with you to create a story that not only generates media coverage, but, crucially, fits with your organisation’s overall objectives.  Her job is to ensure PR helps you get where you want to be.

Jill uses media releases sparingly. She has strong relationships with journalists across print, broadcast and new media throughout the UK and contacts them when there is a strong story to tell.

That’s why journalists trust her; they know she speaks their language, is not going to waste their time and will give them something which will interest their audience.

Media Training

If you’re going to be interviewed by the media you need training.  Preparation is essential to help you anticipate questions, give good answers containing key messages, and respond confidently.  Those who come across well during interviews become firm favourites with journalists seeking contributors.

Jill trains individuals and groups in her office, taking you out of a familiar environment and allowing you to experience a range of different interview situations.

Celebrity Relations

Bringing the right celebrity on board can boost an organisation’s profile enormously.  Jill works regularly with agents and famous faces, a task that requires skilful negotiation and a solid grasp of how the media works.  David Tennant, Lorraine Kelly, Phil Jupitus and Craig Levein are just some of the well kent people who have supported organisations and campaigns in which Jill has been involved.

Crisis Management

The way in which an organisation responds during challenging times influences reputation greatly.  That’s why the proactive approach behind good news is critical when dealing with negative coverage.  Providing Jill is furnished with all the facts, her journalistic instincts and experience equip her to work with you to minimize damage.

Promotional Films/Voiceovers/Presentation

Given Jill’s television background, scripting and directing films for promotional purposes is second nature to her.  She works with experienced cameramen and editors to produce high quality results.

She can also do voiceovers and present programmes too, of course. For a taster of some of the documentaries Jill has produced visit her YouTube channel.


What People Say About Me


Kenneth Bannerman, Airfields of Britain Conservation Trust:  “Jill is a truly remarkable person whose sheer multitude of talents has played a massive part in making the charity the great success it undoubtedly now is.  Her dynamic ideas have added exciting new dimensions to the revolutionary concept on which the organisation is based.  She is an increasing rarity among us in being clearly extremely decent and someone with genuine standards and values – a real joy to work with.”

Robin MacLellan, Director of Support Services, Scripture Union Scotland:
“Jill brings a wealth of experience and high level of professionalism to media relations.  We have found Jill to be creative, insightful and easy to work with.  We were delighted to have an aspect of our work with young people profiled recently in The Herald, thanks to Jill’s efforts.  Furthermore, Jill’s broadcasting background meant she was an obvious choice to help deliver a high quality promo video showcasing our holidays for young people.”

Ian Logan:  “Having known Jill for several years now and worked with her on various projects, I can say from experience that she is very professional, focused and great fun to work with.  She is an excellent presenter, not only in the delivery of her lines but also in her ability to make interviewees feel at ease in front of the camera.  The latter is not only a testimony to her professionalism but also to her warmth and interest as a person.”

Ross Hunter, Graven Images:  We appointed Jill with a tight brief and specific objectives. She was a pleasure to work with and the quality of the coverage that she obtained exceeded our expectations.”

Drena O’Malley, Deafblind Scotland:  “Jill was very successful in obtaining publicity for our organisation in both the printed media and other fields. We greatly benefited from her company‘s involvement in our organisation and significantly improved our profile as a result.”


Catherine Deveney, freelance journalist:  “Jill is an exceptional PR who provides every possible support to journalists but manages never to be intrusive.  You have no doubt that she is working hard for her clients, but she allows their message to emerge naturally and leaves you to draw your own conclusions.  So often, PR is about spin but Jill always deals in things that have substance.  It’s clear she believes in what she does, and in the clients she represents, and that makes her message very compelling.  Plus, she’s super efficient!”

Heather Greenaway, The Sunday Mail:  “Jill has an eye for a good story. Her journalistic background is apparent, as she identifies angles which appeal to news and feature editors and regularly result in double page spreads in national newspapers.  Jill is helpful, efficient and is always ahead of the game. She is a pleasure to work with.”

David McVey, freelance journalist:  “I’ve worked with Jill on a number of stories and have always found her helpful in providing the kind of information necessary to create interesting and readable copy. She knows the kind of story that will get attention and the sort of events that will promote the interests of her clients. But it’s never just an academic exercise; the clients are always respected as groups of people and their mission or purpose is always respected too.”



Samantha Hall: “Jill was supportive and excellent at preparing me for speaking to the media. She supported me every step of the way and was present when the interview took place which put me at ease and helped me to get my point across. She answered all my questions and concerns clearly and thoroughly.

The response to the article about living with bipolar disorder was phenomenal. It was forwarded on Facebook many times and ended up on Twitter as well. A lady came up to me in Asda to say she was inspired by it. I have had an excellent experience doing this article and am very proud of it. People told me they had cried reading it. Amazing! I would be very happy to do further media work with Jill. ”

Lauren McQuade: “It was an incredibly positive experience working with Jill. A real milestone in my recovery. ” Read  the article on Lauren from “The Herald” (PDF) 

Story of the Day

Thursday 14th September 2023

Don’t worry – create!

“Instead of worrying about what you cannot control, shift your energy to what you can create.”

Roy T. Bennett


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